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    Conscious Candle Company
    established in 1993

    The Conscious Candle Company has the largest range of natural soy wax candles made in Australia. One of the first manufacturers to introduce natural soy wax to the Australian market in 2004, we cater for the eco conscious customer and have unrivalled experience in using essential oils in soy wax along with premium fragrances. 

    We contract manufacture and provide private label candles for many other leading candle brands sold in Australia. Short run custom candles, such as promotional products, to export quantities are all within our scope. 

    If you are looking to have your own candles or fragrance products manufactured, please visit our new specialised website located at www.candlemanufacturer.com.au

    We also manufacturer a range of essential and fragranced oil candles and related aromatherapy products including premium reed diffusers, essential oilsessential oil room spraysmassage oils, drawer fresheners, bug proof blocks and scented burner blocks.  Candle formats include pillar candlesjar candles, and votive candles.

    Contact us today for more information on our unique range of candle and essential oil products.

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